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Line 6's Mobile Keys 49 is more than a USB MIDI controller keyboard for your computer DAW -- it comes with a cable to plug directly into your iPad or iPhone.
The Line 6 Mobile Keys 49 is a stage-ready 25-key keyboard controller for your iOS device or computer. Line 6 Mobile Keys premium keyboard controllers provide an exceptional playing experience on your iPad, iPhone, Mac and PC. Equally powerful hooked up to a CoreMIDI music app, GarageBand or your workhorse DAW, Mobile Keys controllers give you full-sized, velocity-sensitive keys, a solid feel and a refined look that's perfect for any desk, stage and studio. Whether you're a beginning musician or a seasoned studio professional, you can now perform, record and capture inspiration with MIDI keyboard controller solutions that work with all your music-making devices.

Perfect for GarageBand and Other CoreMIDI Apps

Get more from GarageBand and other CoreMIDI virtual instruments, drum machines, multitrack studios and more. Simply connect your Mobile Keys controller to your device and let the musical ideas flow. There's no need for additional hardware, power sources or downloads -- you can start making music immediately.

Record Your Music When Inspiration Strikes

Because Mobile Keys controllers are powered by your iPad, iPhone or computer, you can capture inspiration precisely when it strikes. No power supply, batteries or adapter needed. Make music as you would in a studio -- but do it anytime, anywhere.

Power-packed Portability

Mobile Keys controllers are the perfect size for musicians on the go, and the perfect add-on keyboards for any rig. Mobile Keys 25 is just over 1.5-feet long and Mobile Keys 49 is just over 2.5-feet long. Never sacrificing function for form, Mobile Keys controllers are sleek and low-profile while remaining extremely comfortable to play.

Pro Keybed for a Powerful Performance

Action is everything, which is why Mobile Keys controllers feature pro keybeds. The full-sized keys have a consistently solid feel that supports great performances unlike other, lower-quality controllers that feel thin and fragile. From ten-note chords to single-note riffs, Mobile Keys controllers have the natural action you need to perform your best all the time.

Mac and PC Compatibility

Why spend time readjusting your brain and your hands to a keyboard every time you want to go from your iPhone or iPad to your computer? If you like to work in multiple platforms -- CoreMIDI, Mac, PC or all of the above -- then Mobile Keys controllers are the perfect choice. They seamlessly integrate with each platform, are plug-n-play simple without downloads or drivers, and are powered by the connected device -- there's no need for batteries or a power cable.

Mobile Keys 25 and 49 are compatible with Mac and PC computers, and these mobile devices: iPod touch (3rd and 4th generation), iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 2 and iPad.

Sustain, Expression and Other Tone Controls

To make sure your music contains your unique voice, Mobile Keys controllers employ essential tone controls including smooth-action Pitch and Mod wheels, Volume and Pan knobs with full MIDI controller range and Octave Up and Octave Down buttons for instant access to different registers. Press the Shift button to access advanced functions including Transpose, MIDI Channel, Program Change, Velocity Curve and Controller Assign (knobs, pedals and Mod wheel).

Essential Jacks for Inspired Performances and Seamless Integration

The back panels of both Mobile Keys controllers feature all the essential connections you need to make music with your iPad, iPhone, Mac and PC. They include a 1/4" TRS sustain pedal jack, 1/4" TRS expression pedal jack, USB jack and a special jack for connection to the 30-pin jack on your iPad or iPhone dock connector. Special 3-foot/1-meter cable included.

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