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Spider V 60
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Sometimes more is more—and the Spider® V series of guitar amplifiers embraces that spirit, with more amp models, effects, practice tools, and flexibility than any amplifier in its class. And with several designs to choose from—from the new compact and streamlined Spider V 20 amp to the powerful Spider V 240 stereo models—there is a Spider V to fit every budget and every musical situation. Of course, all the features in the world don’t mean a thing without great tone, and that’s why excellent sound is the number one priority for every amp in the Spider V line. With more than 100 carefully crafted presets—including Iconic Rigs based on classic songs, custom Artist Presets, and Line 6 originals—you can find inspiration the moment you plug in. If you want to go deeper into tone creation, the Spider V amps will go there with you, with more than 200 newly refined amps, cabs, and effects that you can easily tweak and modify with simple, straightforward controls. You’ll hear those tones loud, clear, and in hi-def detail through the Spider V amp’s full-range speaker system and you can record them via the onboard USB port. But Spider V doesn’t just make you sound better, it can also help you play better with built-in practice tools such as a metronome and real drum loops. Those will keep you in time and the onboard tuner will keep you in tune.

Still want more? Because of its full-range speaker system, the Spider V can double as an acoustic amp, and the 1/8" aux input means you can run an audio player through it for jamming along to backing tracks or music. If you want more freedom onstage, many Spider V models are wireless ready—all you need is an optional Relay® transmitter. And most Spider V amps are compatible with the Line 6 FBVTM 3 Advanced Foot Controller, for hands-free control of your amps and effects. Whether you’re on a gig, in the studio, or in the practice room, Spider V will do more to let you sound your best. And sometimes more is more.

Just need a compact, super-simple practice amp with inspiring tone and fewer features? Then the new Spider V 20 is the amp for you.

  • Three times as many amps, cabs, and effects models as other amps in its class
  • Fast and easy tone shaping with intuitive controls
  • Built-in tuner, metronome, and drum loops provide a complete practice toolset
  • 128 custom presets including Iconic Rigs & Artist Tones
  • Full-range speaker system for electrics, acoustics, and music playback
  • Compatible with the Line 6 FBV 3 Advanced Foot Controller
  • Wireless-ready for Line 6 Relay transmitters (select models only)*

More Amp, Cab, Effect, and Speaker Models than the Competition
Spider V is packed with more than 200 updated amps, cabs, and effects models, providing more options and flexibility than other amps in its class. You can combine up to eight effects for rich and fully produced tones.

Fast and Easy Tone Shaping
No need to navigate complex menus. Tweak settings and parameters directly on the amp using the Spider V amp’s straightforward and intuitive knobs. The color-coded controls make it easy to see what you’re doing, even on a dark stage.

128 Custom Presets Including Iconic Rigs and Artist Tones
The Spider V amp’s carefully crafted presets—including Iconic Rigs based on classic songs, custom Artist Presets, and Line 6 originals—mean you can find inspiration the moment you plug in. These can be modified to put your own sonic spin on a timeless tone.

Full-Range Speaker System
Thanks to its full-range speaker system, the Spider V not only delivers your electric tones in high-definition, it can also double as an acoustic amp. In addition, the 1/8" stereo aux input means you can run an audio player through it for backing tracks, jamming, or playing background music when the band is on break.

Wireless Ready For Line 6 Relay G10T
Ready to cut the cable? Many Spider V models are equipped with an internal wireless receiver that’s compatible with the optional Relay G10T transmitter*, for total freedom onstage.

Built-In Tuner, Metronome, and Drum Loops
Spider V has the features you need to take practicing and performing live to the next level, including a built-in tuner, a metronome, and a collection of loops recorded by pro drummers.

* Spider V 60, Spider V 120, and Spider V 240 models are wireless ready. Relay G10T transmitter sold separately.  Spider V wireless ready amps are compatible with any Line 6 RF2 transmitter, like those included with the Relay G10, G30, G50, G55, and G90. The Relay G10T is compatible with typical 1/4” output jacks used on most passive and active instruments. Guitars that have non-standard jack wiring may require a 1/4” mono adapter for use with Relay G10.

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