POD HD ProX Guitar Multi-Effects Processor (Certified Refurbished)

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Featuring extraordinary depth, character and versatility Pro X is best-in-class multi effects for guitarists who want to take deep control over every aspect of their tone. Tweak amp and effects parameters and develop truly original tones. Use your POD HD500X or Pro X as a MIDI controller, an audio interface for recording guitar, and the centerpiece of your live rig. With award-winning technology and all the power you need to define your sound, Pro X is the most advanced POD multi-effects - ever.


POD HD X multi-effects come complete with a sought-after collection of HD amps and guitar effects, and deliver the most stunningly detailed tones in their class. Create lush sonic soundscapes and inspire your playing with studio-quality effects. You can even expand your tonal palette by adding amp model packs - available from our online store. POD HD X multi-effects give you the building blocks to create any signal chain imaginable.


POD HD Pro X have more processing power than any other multi-effect in their class. Dynamic DSP lets you stack the amps and effects you want - where you want them - to craft unique new guitar tones or re-create celebrated classics. POD HD X multi-effects give you the freedom to innovate, and the power to express your creativity.


Whether you're tracking or performing, POD HD X multi-effects give you control and flexibility for studio and stage. POD HD Pro X offer all the ins and outs you need to connect your stage equipment and record in the studio.


Combine POD HD500X or Pro X with a James Tyler Variax guitar and DT amp or StageSource loudspeaker to form the Line 6 Dream Rig - the only system that can instantly become virtually any rig. With the press of a single footswitch, you can recall up to 512 totally different rigs - with changes to preamp type, power amp configuration, guitar type, polyphonic alt-tuning, effects chain and more. With StageSource L2m, you've got a cutting-edge, full-range, flat-response guitar system that delivers consistent tone at any volume - from studio to rehearsal, to the gig.