POD 2.0


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The industry standard for direct recording in the studio, POD® 2.0 delivers the tones heard on hit records everywhere. 

The ultimate way to get inspiring, stage-perfected tones with headphones. 

Become more productive and creative. 

Classic clean to modern high-gain tones all perfectly dialed in. 

POD 2.0 allows you to quickly choose amps and effects without the long set up times and expensive equipment.

Get a wide variety of classic and modern guitar sounds with convenient, easy-to-use effects built right in. 

Our revolutionary A.I.R.™ modeling accurately captures the tone and feel of speaker cabinets, microphones, and studio room characteristics for an amazing recorded sound direct to any recording setup or PA.  Sounds like having a great amp mic'd by a great engineer in a great studio!

Amp Models based on*:
’64 Fender® Deluxe Reverb®
’59 Fender® Bassman®
’68 Marshall® Plexi 100 watt
Marshall® JTM-45 meets Budda Twinmaster

’60 Tweed Fender® Champ®

Budda Twinmaster head
’65 Blackface Fender® Twin Reverb®

’60 Vox® AC 15

’60 Vox® AC 30 non-Top Boost
’85 Mesa/Boogie® Mark IIc+ Clean Channel
’85 Mesa/Boogie® Mark IIc+ Drive Channel
Dumble® Overdrive Special Clean Channel
’95 Mesa/Boogie® Dual Rectifier® Head
’89 Soldano SLO Super Lead Overdrive
Dumble® Overdrive Special Drive Channel
1987 Roland® JC-120 Jazz Chorus
Line 6® Insane
Cabinet Models based on*:
1960 Fender® Tweed Champ®
1952 Fender® Tweed Deluxe Reverb®
1960 Vox® AC-15
1964 Fender® Deluxe Reverb®
1965 Fender® Blackface Twin Reverb®
1967 Vox® AC-30
1995 Matchless Chieftain
1959 Fender® Bassman®
1996 Marshall® with Vintage 30s
1978 Marshall® with stock 70s
1968 Marshall® Basketweave with Greenbacks
Line 6® 4x12
Line 6® 1x12
Line 6® 2x12
Line 6® 4x10

OD® 2.0 comes with a built in set of effects that are tweaked to perfection.  This "best of" collection of effects makes searching for the perfect sounds ultra easy.  Multiple versions of the effects give you rack or stompbox versions, and the combination effects give you classic setups like Delay and Chorus simultaneously. 

There’s even a full time Reverb, Tap Tempo for getting your delay’s in time with the band, and an Effect Tweak knob for custom tailoring your effects.  Plus, you’ll never be out of tune because you’ll get a Chromatic Tuner with a silent mute function for tuning between songs.

POD 2.0 Effects:
Compressor Delay/Compressor
Tremolo Delay/Tremolo
Chorus 1 Delay/Chorus 1
Chorus 2 Delay/Chorus 2 
Flanger 1 Delay/Flanger1
Flanger 2 Delay/Flanger2

Rotary Speaker