Tonecore Uber Metal Pedal

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Über Metal™ brings you massive amounts of gain in one tiny, tough package. You can chose from some of the best Line 6 high-gain tones from HD147® and Vetta II™ including Metal, Pulverize, and Insane. Also included with the Über Metal is a built-in selectable noise gate, and scoop control for massive tonal contouring.

Model Switch - Give this a flick to reconfigure the destructive power of Über Metal.Metal

      - creates screaming distortion, from heavy grind to molten metal! Bow down, infidels.


      - gives you a distortion similar to a high-gain tube amp. Mmmm, it’s warm and meaty!


    - has more skin-peeling gain and sustain than anything else available. For the inner Samurai-shredder in all of us.

Level - This sets the output level. Higher levels will hit the amp or effect fed by the Über Metal will more signal level, giving your more volume.

Mid & Scoop - Mid chooses a frequency from 250Hz to 4kHz. Scoop then removes sound at this frequency, with maximum scoop at the fully clockwise setting. Turn it fully counter-clockwise for a slight mid boost.

Drive - This controls the amount of distortion created within your Über Metal. Especially when you've got it set high, you may need to use the Gate to tame unwanted noise.

Bass & Treble - Bass and Treble are controls for your low and high frequencies.


      - Disables the Gate.

Gate 1

      - A soft and mild noise gate, self-adjusting to your current Drive knob setting.

Gate 2

    - A heavy, fast-clamping gate. Great for those aggressive metal chords and palm muting.