RELAY G10TII Transmitter


Plug n play transmitter compatible with Relay G10/G10S, POD Go Wireless, Spider V/V MkII 60, 120, 240, and 240HC amps. Also, compatible with Yamaha THR-II Wireless amps

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The Relay® G10TII wireless transmitter is the perfect accessory to go with your Relay-ready Line 6 Spider® V/V MkII or Yamaha® THR®-II Wireless amplifier—making it easier than ever to take your performance wireless.* The G10TII will automatically charge and pair itself with your amp. You get up to seven hours of playing per charge, with up to 170 hours of standby time. Simply plug the transmitter into your guitar and start playing. The Relay G10TII is also compatible with the Relay G10 and G10S receivers, comprising a complete guitar wireless system.

  • Compatible with POD Go Wireless
  • Compatible with Spider V/V MkII 60, 120, 240, and 240HC amps
  • Compatible with Yamaha THR-II Wireless amps
  • 1/4” transmitter works with active and passive pickups
  • Just plug and play—no complicated setup required

*Spider V 60, Spider V 120, Spider V 240, and Spider V 240HC models (and Spider V MkII equivalents) are wireless-ready. Relay G10TII transmitter sold separately. Spider V Relay-ready amps are compatible with any Line 6 RF2 transmitter, like those included with the Relay G10, G10S, G30, G50, G55, and G90. The Relay G10TII is also compatible with the POD Go Wireless processor.

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