Advanced Replacement (1 year)


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We ship you a loaner Helix® or HX guitar processor within one business day (within U.S. only), which you return once you’ve received your repaired Helix/HX—all at no cost to you.

Helix/HX Service Plus Advanced Replacement may be purchased at any time, regardless of warranty status. This program is also included as part of the Service Plus Extended Warranty Level 2. Terms and conditions, found here, apply to all warranty transactions.

Once purchased, requires a 15-day waiting period for the program to go into effect.

"When my Variax cable got stuck in the Variax port and it wasn't working, I was able to get a loaner Helix the next day and ship mine out to get it repaired. I didn't miss a single gig! Well worth the cost of the program!" - M.B.

"It has given me peace of mind that if my Helix fails it will get fixed without charge. Haven't had to use it but you guys covered a repair while under warranty so good I wanted to reward/continue coverage." - T.T.


Service Plus Extended Warranties FAQ


Helix/HX Service Plus Extended Warranty