Helix/HX Service Plus Extended Warranty


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The Helix®/HX Service Plus Warranty Program provides the best way to protect your Helix/HX guitar processor investment. In addition to extending your Helix/HX product’s factory warranty for up to three years beyond its expiration, Helix/HX Service Plus plans include free UPS Ground shipping within the U.S. to and from Line 6—and Level 2 coverage also includes Expedited Turnaround Time and Helix/HX Service Plus Advanced Replacement (also available separately).

NOTE: Level 1 and Level 2 Helix Service Plus Extended Warranties must be purchased before the expiration of either your original factory warranty, extended factory warranty, or previously purchased Service Plus Extended Warranties. Advanced Replacement does not qualify as a previously purchased Service Plus Extended Warranty.  Used purchases require a copy of the receipt from original sale. Refurbished, blemished, or scratch and dent purchases do not qualify. Terms and conditions apply to any warranty transaction. You can find them here.

Helix/HX Warranty Information
Factory Warranty Extended Warranty Extension 1 Extension 2 Extension 3
One year Get a free 2nd year if you register your Helix/HX Add a 3rd year Add a 4th year Add a 5th year

Service Plus Extended Warranties


Helix/HX Service Plus Advanced Replacement


Customers can register their product(s) from their Line 6 account. Helix/HX hardware purchased in the U.S. and registered within one year to a U.S.-domiciled account is eligible for the extended warranty as long as the registrant has a copy of the original purchase receipt.