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POD® HD Pro rack-mounted multi-effect processor brings revolutionary Line 6 HD amp modeling and effect technology to the studio and stage. It offers 22 stunning HD amp models, over 100 modern and vintage effects and a comprehensive digital and analogue I/O suited for every professional environment. It represents the most complete collection of advanced Line 6 models ever, all within a familiar and intuitive POD package.

Revolutionary HD models capture 10 times more
amplifier information than the previous generation. POD HD Pro offers HD tones based on* classic Fender®, Vox® and Marshall® amps, boutique essentials from Bogner®, Dr. Z® and Divided by 13,and more.

It features over 100 M-class effects, which were
made famous by Line 6 M13® and M9® Stompbox Modelers. Found on touring pedal boards around the world, M-class effects include a host of lush delays, mods, filters, distortions, compressors and reverbs. Use up to eight effects at once.

POD HD Pro is flexible and powerful enough to
handle the most demanding gigs. The rack mount enclosure provides a full set of digital and analogue I/O, making it the pro’s go-to front-end for any live or
recording rig.

22 HD amp models
100+ M-class effects, up to 8 simultaneous effects; Tap tempo; Built-in tuner
512 user-writable preset locations; 48-second looper
Guitar input with switchable pad
Mic input with gain knob, high-pass filter, -20dB pad, and phantom power
1/4” unbalanced outputs (mono/stereo, instrument/line)
XLR balanced outputs (left/right, instrument/mic)
1/4” line-level inputs (mono/stereo, +4/-10)
USB & MIDI In and Out/Thru
1/4” stereo FX loop (mono/stereo); 1/4” Dry Output
Variax® Digital Input connection
L6 LINK™ connection with Line 6 DT-series amplifiers

*All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Line 6. These trademarks of other manufacturers are used solely to identify the products of those manufacturers whose tones and sounds were studied during Line 6’s sound model development. Fender is a registered trademark of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. Vox is a registered trademark of Vox R&D Limited. Marshall is a registered trademark of Marshall Amplification Plc. Bogner is a registered trademark of Bogner Amplification. Dr. Z is a registered trademark of Dr. Z Amps, Inc.


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